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A Lifetime Of Art

An innate love of nature and the beauty of creation is reflected in the work of artist, John Costello. John was born in New York and studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. In 1974 he moved to the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i, and in January of 1980 he opened Ka’ala Art Gallery in Hale’iwa. John painted extensively for the next eighteen years and many of his paintings were done in the Ka’ala Art years, 1980 - 1998. John worked in a variety styles, and in dimensions ranging from miniature to mural size. During this period John also travelled to the South Pacific and exhibited his art in New Zealand, Tahiti, and the island of Raratonga.

In 1998 John was drawn to the island of Maui and he lived in Hana and Kipahulu for the next eighteen years until his passing in September of 2015. During this time on Maui, John perfected his wood carving talent while continuing to paint and refined his musical talent on the harp. He was an inspiration for many and his knowledge and wisdom was sought from others of whom he helped and inspired with his positive energy and outlook on life.

John’s collection of artwork is presently in Honolulu and has been photographed and documented and will be slowly added to this website. John’s collection of carvings is presently

with his brother Jim Costello.

John Costello artist and musician.

"May we all abide in beauty"

Om Shanti

Thank you to all my family and friends terrestrial and extra

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"Seasons Change Love Remains"

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